APPLIED IMAGE, a leading manufacturer of NIST Traceable Calibration Standards, announced that its Rochester-based laboratory added angular measurement to its ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation. 

ISO/IEC 17025 is the highest recognized quality standard in the world for calibration and testing laboratories. For an organization to be accredited in ISO/IEC 17025, an accreditation board must determine their lab can consistently produce precise and accurate measurements and implement a rigorous quality management system. This standard also requires employees to be assessed as skilled to perform all testing on the scope of accreditation. 

Having passed the ANSI National Accreditation Board’s stringent surveillance audit, APPLIED IMAGE has expanded its accreditation and can now offer its customers angular measurements from its own accredited lab. 

“We’ve always offered angular measurements, but now we can keep the service in-house at our accredited lab. This means we keep costs down and cut at least a week out of the project timeline; we can turn that project step around in a day,” said Gary Klimek, quality manager at APPLIED IMAGE.

Klimek knows a lot goes into calculating the uncertainties of angular measurement. Compared to other measurements, it’s a bit more challenging. As part of the audit, labs must create repeatability studies that the auditors then watch.

Klimek was proud of his team of quality control technicians. He noted that the auditor was pleased with the technicians’ testing performance and the process and the quality system they had in place. Klimek said, “It meant a lot to hear the auditor say ‘You have a good level of quality and you know what you’re doing.’“

Darren Dixon, the technical sales manager at APPLIED IMAGE, was excited about this addition to the scope, too; he said, “a lot of customers request this service, so having the accreditation satisfies their requirements.” The technical sales team is ready to put this new accreditation to use for customers.

Adding angular measurement to its 17025 accreditation confirms the demonstrated and ongoing commitment to reliability and quality assurance at APPLIED IMAGE. For more details, contact APPLIED IMAGE online, by email, or phone (585) 482-0300.