APPLIED IMAGE today announced the official launch of its new brand tagline, “Where Your Image Matters…” The new tagline reinforces the position APPLIED IMAGE holds in the precision imaged optical component and calibration standards industry.

APPLIED IMAGE developed “Where Your Image Matters…” after carefully considering customer feedback and expectations. The sentiment customers attached to the company’s brand was clear. The feedback showed customers believe APPLIED IMAGE demonstrates its core values while doing business, and the company provides consistent, reliable, high-quality service and solutions. Importantly, the customers’ expectations aligned perfectly with the passion that drives the APPLIED IMAGE employees who serve them.

Many of the businesses that rely on APPLIED IMAGE services and products are in a position to provide essential services or products that are critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. The continued success of these essential businesses benefits all of us.

“Our customers count on us for high-quality, precision-imaged optical components and calibration standards delivered to their exact specifications. Our passion for meeting or exceeding our customers’ needs through process and service excellence is exemplified by every APPLIED IMAGE team member and measured through the results we achieve,” said Glenn Jackling, APPLIED IMAGE’s president and chief executive officer. “From single-part prototype orders to thousands of OEM component parts, every customer’s requirements are treated with the same priority and care. When we do our best for every customer, we are more effective in supporting the industries we serve.”

“Actively listening and collaborating with our customers is embedded in everything we do. By understanding their challenges and objectives, we are better able to identify solutions that address their current and future needs. APPLIED IMAGE truly is the place ‘Where Your Image Matters…’” said Darren Dixon, APPLIED IMAGE sales and technical customer service manager.

APPLIED IMAGE began the rollout of the tagline in April, with the rebranding of its online graphics. APPLIED IMAGE’s website and other digital media now highlight “Where Your Image Matters…” and showcases the precision imaged optical components and calibration standards its customers have relied on for more than 40 years.


APPLIED IMAGE Inc. is a global manufacturer of precision imaged optical components and calibration standards for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you require NIST Traceable calibration standards, precision-imaged optical components to test, calibrate, align, control, or measure your optics, photonics, or imaging systems, or need OEM components to work within your product design, we can support your unique requirements.

We collaborate with executives, product managers, and engineers to support the design, evaluation, and calibration of photonics-based systems for improving product performance, first-time quality, and compliance. Our facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and our calibration lab is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, ensuring high quality, accurate, and consistent performance in everything we do. While our standard products showcase our capabilities, our sales engineers work closely with our customers to design solutions that support their innovation, system design, and performance evaluation needs.

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