Established in 1978 by Bruno Glavich, APPLIED IMAGE Inc. has become one of the world leaders in the dynamic fields of Electronic photoMASK Services, Image Analysis TEST TARGET manufacturing, OPTO-Imaged CALIBRATION Standards and Components, BAR CODE Test Standards, and Custom Manufacturing of IMAGED OPTICAL COMPONENTS of all types. We serve a wide array of industries who need precision standards or imaged components to test, calibrate, align, control, or measure their systems using precision imaged parts. Our wide variety of CATALOG products and CUSTOM design services are specifically designed to address the many imaging aspects of the OPTO-Electronic and Photonic-IMAGING industries.

Throughout the years, with new product developments, along with advanced technology acquisitions, APPLIED IMAGE has matured into an INTERNATIONAL company specialized in manufacturing precision components used in the IMAGING AND QUALITY TESTING industries. Our specialties include the manufacturing of photoMASKS for microelectronics and MEMS applications, MICROSCOPY and METROLOGY measurement standards, SINUSOIDAL test patterns for MTF analysis, BALL OPTICS for optical and fiber optic applications, all type of BARcode and DATAcode STANDARDS, IMAGING and IMAGE ANALYSIS QUALITY TEST TARGETS for Photonic-Optical-Imaging systems, along with the ability to manufacture custom OPTO-IMAGED COMPONENTS of all kinds. All products are specifically designed to serve the needs of a wide variety of PHOTONIC and QC IMAGING applications.

APPLIED IMAGE is located in Rochester, NY, a world renowned center for IMAGING and OPTICS. Rochester is also the home to many well know universities with Opto-Imaging teaching and research programs including the Rochester Institute of Technology "Imaging Sciences Center", the University of Rochester's "Optics Center", and the MCC "Optics Manufacturing Technology Center". It is also the headquarters for both the Photonics Industry Association of New York (PIANY) as well as the Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster (RRPC), whose members are known worldwide as leaders in their field of expertise. Lastly, there are dozens of photonic imaging companies, spanning all type of disciplines, making Rochester their home. APPLIED IMAGE is proud to be a founding member of the RRPC and participates in many of the educational programs in the Rochester area that are related to PHOTONIC IMAGING INDUSTRY.

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