APPLIED IMAGE Has Updated the T-45-1-RM Product Line to the New 2020 Standard.

Rochester, NY June 9, 2020

APPLIED IMAGE, a global manufacturer of precision imaged optical components and calibration standards, is pleased to announce the official rollout of the T-45 ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2020 Test Resolution Standard (p/n T-45-1-RM).

The company has updated the T-45-1-RM target to comply with the new 2020 industry standard. The critical update to the product is the addition of the “17” Ronchi patterns on the target.

APPLIED IMAGE is one of the few, if not only, manufacturers of this ISO-compliant test target. The internal team made a special effort to make this product available within weeks of the standard update. “We wanted to be the first to make this product available, so our customers could follow and meet the requirements of the 2020 standard. Our mission is to ensure customers have the tools they need to offer products compliant with the latest standards consistently,” said Brandon Morabito, sales engineer, APPLIED IMAGE.

Orders for the T-45-1-RM product have already come through. The target consists of 24 Sunburst Lines, 0.25mm x 30mm, with a center crosshair target area and three off-center vertical and horizontal Ronchi gratings. These features consist of 0.68cy/mm, 0.8cy/mm and 1.6cy/mm bars (which are then 17cy/mm, 20cy/mm and 40cy/mm after 25 X reduction).

For a detailed product description or to order directly, visit Contact our sales team at or (585) 482-0300 ext. 219 for additional questions or support.