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Starting with our excellent engineers and technical staff who are professionally trained in the disciplines of PHOTOGRAPHIC & IMAGING SCIENCES, APPLIED IMAGE has garnished a reputation as a "CAN DO" company. We tackle IMAGING projects that others would not even consider. APPLIED IMAGE prides itself on delivering both simple and complicated projects on a timely manner, with quality as the cornerstone of what we do, and at reasonable prices. Although APPLIED tackles challenging CUSTOM projects daily, it is not the only thing we do. We also provide STANDARD CATALOG products that address the calibration needs of many optical-imaging-photonic industry requirements. More important, we encourage our customers to suggest modifications to our standard catalog imaging products to better fit their individual needs. APPLIED IMAGE is always ready to serve you.

Not only does APPLIED IMAGE produce images of the highest quality, but we are also available to help you, our customer, with your entire imaging project, from conceptual design ideas, through prototype evaluation, all the way to the final production. Our years of experience assures that you will receive the exact product as ordered. Our capable team of sales and manufacturing engineers, using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, allows us to ensure that your product is made to the exact specifications, on time, and within your budget.

All quotations are free of charge and provided to you on a timely basis.

APPLIED IMAGE is located in a modern 25,000 square feet facility, with class 1000 clean rooms, using a myriad of unique state-of-the-art imaging, calibration, and finishing equipment to meet the stringent design requirements of our customers. The challenge of manufacturing images, and patterns, down to sub-micron geometric level has become routine for us. Our abilities include IMAGING on a variety of materials ranging from glass, to ceramics, metals, plastics, papers, and films….and of course all kinds of custom "other" specialty substrates one might need for their project as well.

We are APPLIED IMAGE, committed to you and to your success….. our valued customer!


Over the years, APPLIED IMAGE has created a wide assortment of STANDARD CALIBRATION products for the optical, imaging, microscopy, vision & robotics, bar code, medical imaging, scanning and photonics industries. In addition, we can modify and adopt our various standards to your specific needs, or design a completely new standard or component, in order to more closely meet your specific calibration or image component requirements.

If a CUSTOM DESIGN is required, our expert staff will assist you in creating the exact opto-imaged component that you need. APPLIED IMAGE, Your Single Source IMAGING Provider. As our name clearly indicates, our business is APPLIED IMAGE.

Give us a call - APPLIED IMAGE - working every day to earn and keep your trust in us.




Our commitment to QUALITY starts at the top and includes even the smallest tasks. It is reflected in all that we do throughout the company, always trying hard, always improving! And this starts with our MISSION STATEMENT commitment.

All of us at the APPLIED IMAGE, must have a single clear mission:

To create innovative “Precision IMAGE Products & Services" that provide quality solutions, meeting the needs of our customers. In turn, we will measures our success by our customers entrusting us with their future business needs.

All of us at the APPLIED IMAGE, together, will work to our maximum ability to keep that trust, never forgetting that the customer will let us keep that trust only as long as we provide for their exact needs!

Everything that we do, and all that we create, should be to keep that trust for it is through that trust that the quality of our lives, individually and collectively, will improve.

Our QUALITY ASSURANCE / QUALITY CONTROL PROCESSES assumes considerable importance when you routinely operate in the micro-tolerance size region as we do. Therefore, at APPLIED IMAGE, quality is checked at each stage of the production process from design conception through final production. This total commitment to quality, combined with controlled environmental facilities, NIST traceable state-of-the-art metrology and a highly qualified staff, assures you that our products will meet or exceed your original specifications. And we've even gone the extra step, using ISO and NIST Certification guidelines and National Laboratory Calibration Standards (NLCS), to assure that our systems are in compliance with today's demanding precision needs.


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