Custom BAR CODE Standards

Custom BAR CODE & DataCODE Standards

One could almost say that APPLIED IMAGE was the original manufacturer of the "BAR CODE STANDARDS" that are now used by GS1, AIM, ISO, ANSI, AIIM, DataMatrix, and other bar code standard organizations. In fact, the founder of APPLIED IMAGE, Bruno Glavich, was the individual that made some of the first bar codes ever produced back in the late 1960's. From this, the concept of "bar code standards" was established in order to assure that scanning systems were performing as specified.

Today, APPLIED IMAGE has become the foremost authority on the manufacture of Off-the-Shelf CATALOG BAR CODE STANDARDS in the world. Not only do we do this for the existing well known symbols such as UPC, EAN, Code 128, Interlealf 2of5, DataMatrix, etc ..... but a whole myriad of CUSTOM DESIGNED codes specifically designed to your needs for the testing of in process systems, new equipment develop- ment, specific characteristics, or any type of CODE needs.

In the historical past, APPLIED IMAGE was asked by GS1 to create a state-of-the-art calibration and certification center for BAR CODE measurement technology. This effort started in the early 90's with the development of a microdensitometer that APPLIED IMAGE nicknamed "The JUDGE". In 2013, because that device become obsolete, APPLIED IMAGE developed a state-or-the-art Laser Interferometer ACCUscan Certification System more accurate than anything available in the world. This system meets and exceeds all the ISO, ANSI and NIST requirements. Through this device, we assure that the symbols are made to quality second to none. So today we ARE the most advanced authority on the manufacturer of standardized bar code standards to the industry.

Just as important as our unique manufacturing ability to manufacture CUSTOMIZED turn-key code solution. This could include customization of the code, material choices such as reflective or transmission papers, plastics or glass substrates or some other material needed. Further, we can mount them on rigid carriers for ease of handling if needed..

The variables can be anything from size resolution testing, contrast, color, edge definition, distortion, data voids, etc ..... practically anything that you would like to test. So the next time a standard code does not answer the question you need solved, give our Sales Engineers a call, they are certain to assist you with your questions and design needs for CUSTOM bar codes or standard ones.

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