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Thank you for your interest in APPLIED IMAGE. We are looking forward to discussing your upcoming or current projects, and how we can play a role.

Some of what we have been working on

While we are a manufacturing company, the majority of our work is custom, meaning that we are actively working with engineers in emerging optics and photonics fields to improve their systems or products. Recently, we have developed a NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide. Among its applications are the fields of histology and pathology, including cancer research. We have also been at work developing a sinusoidal target for 3D imaging and structured light applications. You can learn the advantages of using sinusoids here. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Trade shows can be quite chaotic. Before you know it, the exhibition is wrapping up and you did not get to see everything you had hoped. Scheduling 10 minutes to meet with us will make sure we can connect, and even allow us to be more prepared with answers to your questions.