OPTO-Image Components & Standards

Custom OPTO-IMAGED Components

CUSTOM OPTO-IMAGED Components and Standards designed to your needs.

Obviously, everyone prefers to just purchase CATALOG Off-the-Shelf OPTO-Imaged Components for that is the most cost affective way to solve a specific need. But it does not always work for your specific application. Another approach is to either start with an existing STANDARD item andMODIFY to your needs. Or even start from scratch with a completely new CUSTOM design that does meet your need.

We start by looking at your design, asking the right questions, and then design the part using sophisticated CAD systems. But before we actually make the first part, we send you the design for your approval. Our state of the art IMAGING SYSTEMS for optical imaged components is second to none in the industry. Then we complete the process with our metrology and finishing operations to your specifications. This is the reason APPLIED IMAGE has become a world leader in the manufacture of precise tolerance CUSTOM OPTO-IMAGED Components and Standards.

OPTO-components span a wide array of applications such as resolution calibration targets, alignment devices, measurement components, attenuators, pin holes and slits, reticles for eye pieces, and even positioning encoders. In fact, APPLIED IMAGE founder, Bruno Glavich, manufactured the first "Film Encoders" that made manufacturing economically ink jet printers a reality back in 1985. By creating flexible linear and rotary encoders, the industry was able to create a closed loop feed back system. Since the printer then knew where it was in the position at all time, very expensive gears and drives were no longer needed. Thus ink jet printer became a household word. Even today, this same technology is used in all the ink jet printer (large and small) manufactured anywhere in the world.

Our standard and components are manufactured on a wide array of materials including glass, ceramics, plastic and film,meeting the specific needs of our customer's requirements. Applications include vision, robotics, microscopy and spectroscopy, positioning, photonic, and imaging systems. Further, these components can be specialty coated, mounted, laminated, or glued according to needs.

No quantity too small or too large, producing parts for tier one companies as well as the little guys.

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