photoMASKS & PhotoTools

photoMASKS & photoTools


For a quarter of a century, APPLIED IMAGE. has been serving the needs of the imaging industry with precision masks, reticules, test targets and photo-tools of the highest quality. By purchasing Microtronics inc in 2011, APPLIED entered the photoMASK business in earnest.

APPLIED IMAGE manufactures the highest quality photoMASKS for the microelectronic, hybrid, and MEMS industries. Substrates can the traditional mask glass materials, or specialty glass.  Sizes can be as large as 10 inches square (in a variety of thicknesses) depending on your requirements....and check plots are available upon request before the mask is produced.

Our thorough knowledge of semiconductor thin film requirements, hybrids (both thin and thick film), microwaves, large displays, surface mounted technology and encoders, assures that our customers will receive the quality product they expect, on time and at a reasonable price. APPLIED IMAGE unique equipment, facilities and professional staff provide a wide variety of solutions for today's mask needs.

For the Universities and Colleges requiring photoMASKS, APPLIED IMAGE is pleased to provide discount of 20% for first time orders.  Please let notify our staff when ordering for the first time.

APPLIED IMAGE is truly a "one stop" photoMASK IMAGING CENTER focused on your needs.

Feel free to contact us by sending us your files or contacting us by phone for a no charge quotation.

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