In 1989, ANSI established a Bar Code Print Quality program creating a "relative quality scale" for bar codes which is now known as ANSI X3.182 methodology (ISO 15416). As an adjunct to the ANSI standards organization, and under the request of UCC (now GS1) and the AIM organization, APPLIED IMAGE developed a unique set of bar code calibration standards based on the ANSI X3.182, ANSI/UCC5 and the ISO standards. Calibration of the bar code standards is performed using a specialized, custom-built scanning microdensitometer which APPLIED IMAGE nicknamed "The JUDGE"). The APPLIED IMAGE JUDGE, and related Bar Code Standards made by APPLIED IMAGE, conform to all ANSI/ISO methodology and traceable to NIST standards.

More recently, APPLIED IMAGE developed a much more advanced JUDGE with the introduction of our new state-of-the-art "ACCUscan" Laser Interferometer Certification System used for judging the quality of our standards. ACCUscan is the industries most advanced Certification System, with new and improved software and hardware, and designed to meet ALL the ISO, ANSI and NIST requirements, having accuracies second to none...making our ACCUscan Certification System the MOST TRUSTED qualifying instrument in the industry to JUDGE the working functionality of verifiers bar none. You can trust our long rich history, our in depth knowledge of all barcodes, and strict independence as a calibration center world wide!

To further expand the family of available barcode calibration standards, APPLIED IMAGE introduced four new “Conformance Calibration Standard *Enhanced * Test Card" products:
     -  ISO-15426-1 Primary Reference Test Card
     -  Conformance Calibration Standard *Enhanced* Test Card for UPC/EAN Symbol Verifiers
     -  Conformance Calibration Standard *Enhanced* Test Card for GS1-128 Symbol Verifiers
     -  Conformance Calibration Standard *Enhanced* Test Card for ITF-14 Symbol Verifiers
These Test Cards are the beginning of a new innovative *Enhanced* barcode calibration product line from APPLIED IMAGE which will include additional standards over the next few months.

Each of the new “Conformance Calibration Standard *Enhanced* Test Card" cards are manufactured on special high definition material, calibrated by the APPLIED IMAGE JUDGE system with NIST Traceability, serialized and packaged with accompanying Calibration Report and Certification documents. All Test Cards are laminated to a thicker, rigid, flat backing material to minimize internal reflection than what was previously provided on other cards.

With over 25 years of experience as a worldwide leader supplying Barcode Calibration Standards to the industry, APPLIED IMAGE is committed to offering the highest quality barcode standards and certification now and well into the future.

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