CONFORMANCE CALIBRATION STANDARD *Enhanced* Test Card for GS1-128 Symbol Verifiers

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Designed to check the calibration of verifiers or the training of verifier users.

The CONFORMANCE CALIBRATED STANDARD ENHANCED TEST CARD for GS1-128 SYMBOL VERIFIERS contains four precision GS1-128 symbols which have been calibrated using our state-of-the-art Laser Interferometer Scanner (JUDGE certified). Complete calibration results of each symbol are supplied and a summary of the main parameters are written on the card below each symbol.

The Certified Test Cards are fully traceable to all applicable bar code standards including ANSI X3.182, ISO-15416 and GS1 requirements, with further traceability to NIST with a statement of estimated uncertainty documented on the supplied Calibration Certificate.

The test card is considered a "Primary Reference" designed for verifiers using a 10 MIL aperture with light characteristics for point of sale laser scanners, wand devices and imaging cameras.

Unless otherwise specified, this card is calibrated with a 250 micron (0.010") aperture.

Substrate Size/Overall size: 216mm x 152mm (8.5 x 6 inches)