Polarity Positive
Overall Size 6” x 8.5” (152 x 216 mm)
  x $600.00

This precision 2D barcode card is fully calibrated and NIST traceable, meeting the requirements of ISO 15426-2 for primary reference test symbols. Twelve symbols, sized from 0.5mm to 0.2mm are used so that symbol sizes as specified in Annex A.3.1 can be tested.

For compatibility with the GS-1 seven symbol test card, symbols 1,2,3,4,6,7,and 8 have the same test characteristics as the GS-1 card, (some have different data content).Primary Reference Test Symbols are the gauge blocks of the barcode verifier world. These calibrated symbols allow the grading ability of barcode verifiers to be checked, with NIST traceable values for % reflectance and linear dimensions.

AI-CCS-DM-E Spec Sheet  (1,173.19 KB)