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This card contains six precision 1D barcodes which have been calibrated using an extremely high resolution reflection microdensitometer. Symbols used on this card are identical to those of similar cards which have been available for many years.

Complete calibration results of each symbol are reported in the supplied Calibration Report and a summary of the main parameters are written on the card near each symbol.Traceability to NIST and a statement of estimated uncertainty is documented on the supplied Calibration Certificate.

Compared to the previous card, this card has been enhanced with the addition of a thicker and flatter backing plate.

Measurements have been made in accordance with ISO 15416:                                                         -  Illumination is with a single wavelength (which is reported on both the card and the calibration report)                                                              -  Reflectance is traceable to NIST               -  Illumination is at 45 degrees and collection is perpendicular to the surface.

These Primary Reference Test Symbols have been made and calibrated in accordance with ISO-15426-1:      -  Achieved parameter values are sufficiently far from grade transition points to avoid uncertainty per Table A.1                                                                                                           -  Has national standard traceability for reflectance and linear distance.                                         -  Linear distance repeatability over the same scan path is within 0.5┬Ám.                                        -  Reflectance repeatability over the same scan path +/- 0.5%.