Material Reflective Material
Lamination Opaque Backing
Polarity Positive
Overall Size 215.9mm x 152.4mm - 8.5 in. x 6.0 in.
Effective Aperture 6 mil (0.006 In.)
  x $439.00

Default Calibration Aperture: Unless otherwise specified, this card is calibrated with a 150ยต (0.006") aperture.

Nominal X dimension:  8.33 mils

Substrate Size/Overall size:  216mm x 152mm (8.5 x 6 inches)

Substrate Type:  White photo paper bonded to a rigid, flat black plastic board. Typical thickness is 2.5mm (0.1").

Image Forming Material:  Photo-Emulsion

Image Description:        The topmost three symbols have all parameters made to Grade 4(A).    The top three symbol types are:     -  GS-1 Databar Expanded Master Grade    -  GS-1 Databar Limited Master Grade     -  GS-1 Databar Omnidirectional Master Grade

The last three symbols are GS-1 Databar Omnidirectional Master Grade;                                              -  Grade 2(C) Defects, Void     -  Grade 2(C) Low Decodability     -  Grade 2(C) Contrast

The Defects, Void symbol tests the Defect parameter by incorporating a precise void in one of the large bars and reducing the ISO/ANSI Defect grade to 2(C).

The Low Decodability symbol tests the Decodability parameter by manipulating bar and space sizes to reduce the ISO/ANSI Defect grade to 2(C).

The bottom symbol tests symbol contrast by placing dark gray bars on a gray background and reducing the contrast to Grade 2(C).

Image Contrast / Density:The first 5 symbols are high contrast (Grade 4(A) or near Grade 4(A) contrast, depending on scanning aperture size). The last symbol is a dark gray on gray test of Grade 2(C) contrast.