Material Reflective Material
Lamination Opaque Backing
Polarity Positive
Overall Size 8.5 in. x 6.0 in. - 215.9mm x 152.4mm
Effective Aperture 6 mil (0.006 In.)
  x $439.00

The Primary Reference Test Card is the only test card to provide all of the Primary Reference Symbols specified in the ISO 15426-1 documentation for bar code verifiers. Each card contains 8 precision 1D bar codes: 1 EAN standard - EAN-13 Grade 4 (A); and 7 UPC codes: UPC-A Grade 4(A), Defect Void Grade 1 (D), Decodability Edge Grade 1(D), Modulation Grade 1 (D), Defect Spot Grade 1 (D), Decodability Bar Grade 1(D), Contrast Grade 1(D), and 6 calibrated reflectance patches.

The Primary Reference Test Card is manufactured, calibrated and individually serialized in accordance with ISO 15416 and ISO-15426-1 and ANSI X3.182 requirements. The calibration of each symbol is accomplished using a high resolution reflection microdensitometer, which is NIST Traceable for reflectance and linear dimensions, and "Judge" Certified. The calibration results of each symbol is recorded on the test card and on the accompanying Calibration Report. A Statement of Estimated Uncertainty is documented on the Calibration Certificate. Both the Certification and Calibration Report are included with each test card. In addition, each card is mounted to a thicker and flatter backing material than previously provided on other cards.