Material Reflective Material
Lamination Opaque Backing
Polarity Positive
Overall Size 8.58 in. x 5.51 in. - 218mm x 140mm
Grade ISO 15415 & ISO 15416 Gradings
with NIST Traceability NIST SRM-1930-90 certified & traceable calibration card
  x $519.75

Cognex DPMV-CALCARD Verifier Calibration Card

Features include:

1D ISO-15416 Grading with Contrast: A  /  Modulation: A  /  Fixed Pattern Damage: A  /  Grid Non-Uniformity: A  /  Axial Non-Uniformity: A  /  Unused Error Correction: A

2D ISO-15415 Grading with Contrast: A  /  Min. Edge Contrast: A  /  Modulation: A  /  Decodeability: A  /  Max Defect: A

White Reference Patch:  109mm x 70mm

Black Reference Patch:  109mm x 70mm

Pixel Sizes: Data Matrix: 20.8 MIL (0.530mm)  /  Code 39: 10.6 MIL (0.270mm)

DataMatrix Code; ECC200, Square, Encoded Data: 2-D Calibration Symbol Code 39: Ratio 2.5:1; Encoded Data: 1D

Establishes reference for part surface reflection values as well as reference for actual printed cell size of 2D codes

NIST SRM-1930-90 certified and traceable calibration card.

Replacement component for the complete Cognex DataMan Verifier Upgrade Kit.

(cannot upgrade an existing reader to a verification system without purchasing the complete Cognex DataMan Verifier Upgrade Kit from Cognex)