Screen Dot Test Pattern (SDTP-2)

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Ideally useful for very fine incremental testing the effects of very small feature size and area changes.

The image consists of 301 patches, in a grid layout, approx. 71mm (w) by 83mm (h) with each patch being approx. 4.7mm (w) by 4.0mm (h). Selected ranges of screen dot percentage patterns are provided in increments of 0.1%; and the ranges presented are; 0.0- 5.9%; 9.0-10.9%; 19.0-20.9%; 29.0-30.9%; 39.0-40.9%; 49.0-50.9%; 59.0-60.9%; 69.0-70.9%; 79.0-80.9%; 89.0-90.9%; and 95.0-100%.


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