IMAGING GAUGETM Targets are mounted on rigid 6mm PVC board. The pigment-based Munsell color patches and silver-halide media are mounted with high quality adhesive to withstand difficult environmental conditions in field use.

Color Patches: Eighteen (18) patches are included to assess the color accuracy of the system. These represent a wide gamut of colors expected in typical scenes.

Resolution Features: Our unique ACCUedgeTM slanted-edge resolution feature is used for analytical assessment by computer. Visual features are used to crossover metrics.

Neutral Patches: Six (6) gray patches are included to assess the characteristic curve of the camera as well as noise and neutral color balance.

Uniformity Patches: Four (4) identical patches are placed in the corners of the target to assess the uniformity of lighting across the image.

Colors included on IMAGING GAUGE targets are the same as the X-Rite Munsell ColorChecker Classic target. These colors are a widely accepted standard in the industry. In fact, APPLIED IMAGE has selected the exact colors used to manufacture ColorChecker Classic target to manufacture IMAGING GAUGE.

X-Rite, the Munsell Color Laboratory, and APPLIED IMAGE, manufacture products in conformance to the accreditation practices and procedures set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST]. All production instrumentation and equipment is traceable to NIST. The X-Rite Munsell Color laboratory is an internationally recognized laboratory holding accreditations from ISO 9001 and ISO 2000.