Boston Scientific Checkerboard Array

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Boston Scientific               Checkerboard Array

These unique checkerboard arrays with center fiducial markings were designed by Boston Scientific and are now available exclusively through APPLIED IMAGE. They come in a variety of sizes, from 20mm x 20mm to 80mm x 80mm, on two different substrate materials, Chrome on GLASS, for transmission illumination applications, or Chrome on OPAL, for reflective illumination applications. The individual square sizes range from 0.200mm x 0.200mm to 5.000mm x 5.000mm depending on the overall component size. In addition each array is available with NIST Traceability documentation.

Individual Component Specifications:

        Overall Size          
Image Area               Individual Square Size
        20mm x 20mm            
10mm x 10mm               0.200mm x 0.200mm
        30mm x 30mm           
20mm x 20mm               0.400mm x 0.400mm
        40mm x 40mm           
30mm x 30mm               0.600mm x 0.600mm
        50mm x 50mm            
40mm x 40mm               0.800mm x 0.800mm
        60mm x 60mm            
50mm x 50mm                1.000mm x 1.000mm
        80mm x 80mm            
70mm x 70mm               1.400mm x 1.400mm