ACCU-PLACE BullsEye /Recongnition Grid (AP-B)

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    Positive Image
Features:    5 concentric circles:
        -  5.0mm OD diameter
        -  4.0mm OD diameter
        -  3.0mm OD diameter
        -  2.0mm OD diameter
        -  1.0mm OD diameter
   with 0.5mm line width
               and spacing
   and 0.100mm center dot

Pitch:   10mm

The ACCU-Place Bulls Eye / Recognition Grid is a unique concept in imaging calibration technology, designed with multiple series of circles within circles. This allows for multiple power magnification calibration as well as the testing of the system's ability to recognize and locate distinctive shapes within other shapes.

Each Bulls Eye / Recognition Grid target has individual patterns consisting of 5 concentric circles with 0.50mm line width and 0.50mm spacing between circles (10mm Pitch) with a 0.100mm center dot. In addition, each row and column is labeled with X & Y coordinates.

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