Material Chrome on OPAL
Overall Size 1.0 in. x 3.0 in. / 25.4mm x 76.2mm
Polarity Positive Image
Scale Axis X & Y Axis
Scale Length 0.40 in. (English) / 10.0 mm (Metric)
Divisions 0.0005" (English) / 10μm (Metric)
with NIST Traceability Available in Additional Options Section Above

With numerical scale labeling every 0.1mm and 0.05 in.
  x $399.00

Additional Options
Wooden Storage Box - (WSB-SM-13) $70.00
SM-3-SECCAL $434.00
Large CoverSlip for Microscope Slide (CS-2) $65.00

Available Options for the SM-3 stage micrometer:   Glass Coverslip

  Wooden Storage Box

NIST Traceable Certification
        with Documentation

If the SM-3 is purchased with NIST Traceable Certification, APPLIED IMAGE recommends recertification of your stage micrometer at least every 2 years. The Recertification (Cat. No. SM-3-RECAL) is available for $543.00. Contact APPLIED IMAGE to arrange the return of your SM-3 stage micrometer for recertification.

Additional Information: