Image Analysis Micro Line / Dot Standard (IAM-6)

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Overall Size:   1.0 in. x 3.0 in.
    (25.4mm x 76.2mm)
Polarity:    Positive Image
Dot Diameter and
Line Thickness:
   100μm  /  75μm
     50μm  /  25μm
     10μm  /  5μm
       4μm  /  3μm

A standard specifically designed to calibrate CCD, CMOS devices and other geometric measuring imaging systems where CRITICAL MEASUREMENT (CD's) is important. Electronic sensors often have spurious resolution created by pixel dithering. The IAM-6 limits this calibration problem by providing known dot and line sizes to test the sensor / optical capabilities.

Available Options for the IAM-6 stage micrometer:   Glass Coverslip
  Wooden Storage Box

NIST Traceable Certification
       with Documentation

If the IAM-6 is purchased with NIST Traceable Certification, APPLIED IMAGE recommends recertification of your stage micrometer at least every 2 years. The Recertification (Cat. No. IAM-6-RECAL) is available for $228.00. Contact APPLIED IMAGE to arrange the return of your IAM-6 stage micrometer for recertification.