Material Reflective Material
Overall Size see below
Resolution see below
Features SINE M-13-60-FBI Kit
  x $714.00

The SINE M-13-60-FBI Kit consist of two individual components on Reflective Material, the SINE M-13-60-1X-RM and the RR1-N-RM Ronchi Ruling grating.

The SINE M-13-60-1X-RM sinusoidal array active image area measures 70mm x 46mm with the overall size of 85mm x 157mm.  The sinusoidal arrays range in frequency from 0.1875 to 12.0 cycles per mm; with a nominal modulation of 60%. The top and bottom rows are density scales, from 0.20 to 1.20 densities.

The RR1-N-RM Ronchi Ruling grating active image area measures 101.6mm x 101.6mm with the overall size of 127mm x 127mm.  The single frequency grating is 1.0 cycles per mm.

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