Image Analysis Stage Mapping / Grid Pattern (IAM-5)

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Overall Size:    1.0 in. x 3.0 in.
     (25.4mm x 76.2mm)
Polarity:    Positive Image
Image Area:    20mm x 50mm

Part Nbr.      Clear Aperture    
     Opaque Line   
IAM-5-S 8.5μm 1.5μm 10μm
IAM-5-M 180μm 20μm 200μm
980μm 20μm 1,000μm

The ideal standard for verifying / quantifying multiple image analysis parameters. Optical (barrel) distortion. Alignment between systems or optical paths. Cell areas for particle counting. 

Available Options for the IAM-5 stage micrometer:   Glass Coverslip
  Wooden Storage Box

NIST Traceable Certification
       with Documentation

If the IAM-5 is purchased with NIST Traceable Certification, APPLIED IMAGE recommends recertification of your stage micrometer at least every 2 years. The Recertification (Cat. No. IAM-5-RECAL) is available for $228.00. Contact APPLIED IMAGE to arrange the return of your IAM-5 stage micrometer for recertification.

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