Material Reflective Material
Polarity Positive
Overall Size 14.0 in. x 8.0 in. - 355.6mm x 203.2mm
Active Image Area 13.38 in. x 7.02 in. - 339.85mm x 178.31mm
Density Range 0.47 to 2.00
Grid Array 5 rows x 9 columns
Features 0.96 in. x 0.96 in. squares rotated 5.71 degrees
  x $382.00

Features:  0.96 in. x 0.96 in. squares rotated clockwise and counterclockwise 5.71 degrees with 2 varying densities of 0.47 and 1.17 respectively. In addition, a single 1.495 in. x 1.196 in. area contains twenty 0.299 in. x 0.299 in. squares in a 4 rows by 5 columns array with density values from 1.00 to 0.80.

The SFRplus test chart can be used with the SFRplus module in Imatest 3.2 or later to measure MTF, lateral chromatic aberration, distortion, and tonal response. The SFRplus module features fully automated region-of-interest detection. The SFRplus chart offers significant advantages over commonly used charts such as the ISO 12233 chart, including 1) much less wasted area, 2) the ability to produce a map of sharpness over the sensor surface, 3) better measurement accuracy due to the lower contrast, and 4) full support for automated testing.