The manufacture off-the-shelf CATALOG TEST TARGETS along with our off-the-shelf CATALOG TEST CHARTS, GRAY SCALES and COLOR CHARTSare easily purchased from our on-line store. BUT our strength lies in our ability to CUSTOM design targets and charts to your requirements, quickly, to your specs, and within budget. Obviously, the quickest and least expensive option is an off-the-shelf product, or one that can be modified. We certainly are more than pleased to provide such products and services when it works for you. But when that does not address your need then it is time for CUSTOM approach. That is where APPLIED IMAGE has proven itself as the world leader in the field of CUSTOM designed TEST TARGETS and TEST CHARTS, day in and day out.

Our sales engineering staff start by reviewing your specific custom needs, offering suggestions that may improve the usefulness or lower the cost of your end product. Then we can prepare the quote with no obligations and always free of charge. Once a commitment by our customer is made, we then proceed to CAD draw the design and always making sure that we send to you a drawing for your approval if your require.

Custom IMAGING Quality Control SOFTWARE/TARGET test systems is also our specialty. Some of the industries we specialize in include the camera image evaluation sector encompassing ISO testing criteria, NIST, ANSI, and MIL standards, photonic image capture analysis, test targets for copiers and scanners, the bar code scanning industry,security and identification, and all other type of image capture industries that require quality evaluation of their imaging systems.

Our ACCUedge® test targets are uniquely manufactured to create edge sharpness best in the industry. Further, our gray scale control, color capabilities, and our measurement systems can create products with resolutions as high as 500 c/mm depending on the type of substrate material. This makes APPLIED IMAGE the foremost provider of image evaluation TEST TARGETS manufacturer in the world.

Material capabilities include: photographic, paper, film, plastic, glass, metals and other specialty materials you may require. Further, these can be provided mounted or matrix in other ways to you special application. Large quantities are easily accommodated along with custom designs and products.

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