Darren Dixon, an employee at APPLIED IMAGE, experiences life without glasses for the first time. He recently got LASIK and loves his newfound visual freedom.

“It’s a borderline miraculous feeling! I have worn glasses since I was in 5th grade (contacts too). The bushels of carrots I ate didn’t deliver super-vision as advertised —thanks to a WWII misinformation campaign for spreading that rumor! The LASIK surgery went outstanding; I have 20/15 vision now! It feels like they upgraded my eyeballs to HD.”

But Darren has a close connection to the miracle surgery behind his newfound visual freedom. APPLIED IMAGE is a world leader in the manufacture of precision-imaged optical components and calibration standards for a wide range of industries and applications.

Some of the most trusted wavefront aberrometers use crossed Ronchi Gratings supplied by APPLIED IMAGE for the wavefront aberrometry targets. The Ronchi Gratings need precision and consistent imaging of the line widths and the angulation of the patterns to provide the data that drives the technology, allowing surgeons to view the eye during surgery, not just pre and post-op. The repeatability of the APPLIED IMAGE components helps provide that precision.   

The precision of the imaging capability of APPLIED IMAGE enables our crossed Ronchi and Sinusoidal Grating technologies to be incorporated into a variety of measurement devices…e.g., vision correction, 3D imaging & measurement, etc. Given long regulatory cycles, these technologies need to be designed in from the start. 

The unique manufacturing capabilities and processing technologies at APPLIED IMAGE mean imaging systems can maintain a high level of accuracy over time or multiple applications. We have options available in glass, chrome, or the latest photolithographic image processing technology.