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A Whole New World

  Darren Dixon, an employee at APPLIED IMAGE, experiences life without glasses for the first time. He recently got LASIK and loves his newfound visual freedom. “It’s a borderline miraculous feeling! I have worn glasses since I was in 5th grade (contacts too). The...

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Using USAF-1951 Resolution Test Target

Using USAF-1951 Resolution Test Target Resolution features of the USAF-1951 Resolution Chart are arranged in elements and groups. Each Element is made up of equally spaced bars; three horizontal and three vertical. Groups consist of six elements labeled 1...

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Using NBS-1010A Resolution Test Target

Using NBS-1010A Resolution Test Target A resolution test chart is used to allow quick and easy testing of the ability of an optical system to produce images with fine detail. The patterns are in groups which progressively get smaller. The smallest group for which the...

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Dropped and broke your stage micrometer? Scratched while cleaning or mishandling it? This can be easily avoided.   Remember. Most stage micrometer’s substrate material consists of a fragile thin piece of glass or opal material and the scale image is manufactured...

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Defining Color

To many people defining a specific color is an impossible task. Can you tell what the color is in the primary box area to the left? Beware, it’s color rendition can be different from the original Jpeg file image depending on your viewing monitor, which is in its own...

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How Barcodes Work

Millions of products all over the United States use barcodes. Standard UPC barcodes help businesses throughout the supply chain to track and monitor their own products and those of partners, ensuring everything gets to its intended destination on time. Bar codes are...

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