Established in 1978 by Bruno Glavich, APPLIED IMAGE Inc. has become a world leader in the dynamic field of Optical Imaged Component and Calibration Standards Manufacturing. Some of the products include Image Analysis Test Targets and Software, Optical Imaged Components, Microscopy Calibration Standards, Barcode Standards (1D and 2D), Custom Designed Optical Components with Images, Glass Machining, and photoMASK Manufacturing Services.

APPLIED IMAGE serves a wide array of industries that need precision standards, or imaged components, to test, calibrate, align, control, or measure Photonic Systems using precision imaged parts. Our wide variety of Standard Catalog Products, along with our Custom Designed Electro-Optical Components, specifically address the many imaging aspects of the Optical-Electronic & Photonic-IMAGING industries.

Through the introduction of new products, along with advanced strategic technology acquisitions throughout the years, APPLIED IMAGE has matured into an international company specialized in manufacturing of precision IMAGED COMPONENTS & IMAGE QUALITY TESTING products.

Specialties include the manufacturing of photoMASKS for microelectronics and MEMS applications, MICROSCOPY & METROLOGY measurement standards, SINUSOIDAL Test Patterns for MTF analysis (only company in the world producing such a product), BARcode and DATAcode STANDARDS, IMAGING & IMAGE ANALYSIS TEST TARGETS and CHARTS for Photonic-Optical-Imaging systems quality analysis.

One unique “ONE STOP” ability of APPLIED IMAGE  is our ability to provide all types of  CUSTOM OPTICAL-IMAGED COMPONENTS. All of our products are Certifiable and Traceable to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and specifically designed to serve the needs of a wide variety of PHOTONIC and QC IMAGING applications.



In 1987 Mr.Glavich developed a unique positioning encoder using photographic film “film encoder technology”. These were both rotary and linear replacing what the industry was using then (glass or metal). The end result is that literally ALL ink jet printers ended up using such a technology which is still used to this day. It revolutionized the ink jet printer industry.


Barcoding (Data Scanning), which is found in practically every data collection and tracking application today, became a key element in the growth of APPLIED IMAGE. Some of the first bar codes ever manufactured in the data scanning industry were produced by the founder of APPLIED IMAGE, Bruno Glavich in the late 60’s. Back then, the concept of barcode scanning was in its infancy. Mr. Glavich worked for a small company called Photographic Sciences Corporation (PSC) of Webster, NY, that was involved in some of the first bar codes ever produced.  In 1978, having left PSC, Mr. Glavich formed APPLIED IMAGE and, by the mid-1980’s, had become a well know INDEPENDENT measurement and calibration center serving the needs of the BAR CODE Industry. This effort culminated in the purchase of the original barcode product lines from PSC, and continued building the product line on the needs for uniform Bar Code Calibration Testing for customers worldwide.


In 1991, APPLIED IMAGE was approached by UCC (now called GS1) requesting to have our barcode standards become the basis for certifying and standardizing the Bar Code Verifier Industry based on the ANSI standards of the time. It is here that the name “The JUDGE“‘ was first coined publicly by APPLIED IMAGE.  This was done for simplicity of conversation with the industry regarding our NIST Traceable Certification Instrumentation. We are the foremost developers and manufacturers of 1D and 2D Bar Code Standards, certified by the JUDGE, in the world. Using our unique  ACCUedge®   technology, the precision of our standards are second to none and is the official standard in the scanning industry. In fact, our 1D and 2D Standards are the only standards that actually meet all the requirements of the ANSI guidelines for Bar Coding. We are the world wide center for Certifiable Bar Code Calibration Standards.


Over twenty-five years ago, Dr. Robert Lamberts founded SINE Patterns, Inc. on a single concept – to provide a new and better test target for optical evaluation using Modulation Transfer Function test targets (MTF evaluations). After extensive research, Dr. Lamberts developed the first Sinusoidal Test Target using a unique and proprietary manufacturing technology that is still in use today.  This simplifies the methodology of MTF analysis without expensive equipment and they are easy to understand and use. In 2004, SINE Patterns became a part of APPLIED IMAGE.  Under APPLIED IMAGE, SINE Patterns expanded its product line to provide Sinusoidal Target Arrays for a variety of applications using MTF analysis; from moiré contouring to reliable MTF evaluation of materials, lenses, cameras and electro-optical systems. Today APPLIED IMAGE is the only manufacture in the world of such SINE Targets and Systems. SINE Pattern sinusoidal target arrays are available on transmissive or on reflective materials, as well as in a variety of sizes and frequencies.


In 2010, Mr.Glavich was contacted by NASA to develop the first test calibration modules for resolution testing of the camera systems which ultimately resulted in final product being made that were used on the Mars rovers. Since that time a number of other test systems have flown on various missions. One might say our products are “Out Of This World.”


Microtronics Inc, a manufacturer of photoMASKS, became a part of the APPLIED IMAGE family.  This addition created not only our ability to service the semiconductor, hybrid, and MEMS industry with phototools, but it gave APPLIED IMAGE the ability to now use such equipment to manufacture some of the newer more complex optical imaged component the industry needed.  The combination of such technology, together with our imaging expertise, our state-of-the-art metrology equipment, and our glass machining technology gives APPLIED IMAGE a leg up on any other manufacturer of optical imaged components.  This integrated technology approach will continue in the future with the addition of new imaging equipment and with future acquisitions.


APPLIED IMAGE continues its growth through new innovative products that are market related for the Optics, Imaging and Photonics industries. In addition, new clean room facilities have been added to assure quality products, new QC equipment (purchased and internally developed) to assure the highest standards are achieved, and new imaging and finishing systems put into place to create the type of IMAGES that the industry demands.  We serve the customer; that is our belief and our mission.

APPLIED IMAGE is located in Rochester, NY, a world renowned center for imaging and optics. Rochester is also the home to many well know universities with Optics and Photonics related programs at the Rochester Institute of Technology “Imaging Sciences Center”, the University of Rochester’s “Optics Center”, and the MCC “Optics Manufacturing Technology Center”. It is also the headquarters for both the Photonics Industry Association of New York (PIANY) as well as the Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster (RRPC), whose members are known worldwide as leaders in their field of expertise. Mr. Glavich was a founding member of the RRPC and played a vital role in bringing PIANY to Rochester and expanding its role in the community.

Lastly, there are dozens of photonic imaging companies, spanning all types of photonic disciplines, making Rochester their home.

As a founding member of the RRPC and continued participant, APPLIED IMAGE  participates in the many educational programs in the Rochester area that are related to PHOTONIC INDUSTRY keeping the region at the forefront of Photonics technology.

The future of APPLIED IMAGE is as large and exciting as our IMAGINATION.