Ronchi Gratings

Square Wave patterns (Ronchi Gratings/Rulings) have extremely sharp edges. At APPLIED IMAGE, this sharpness is achieved through our unique manufacturing capabilities and processing technologies which produces the sharpest edges available anywhere. Our standard line of Ronchi Gratings is offered on Chrome on Glass (CG) and Photo Paper (RM).
The Ronchi rulings are available on other substrate materials such as B270, quartz, BK-7, and White Opal as well as in English frequency metrics (cycles per inch). Contact the APPLIED IMAGE Sales Department for pricing and availability on these rulings and other unique frequencies.
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RRx-12-CG RRx-24-CG RRx-45-CG RRx-RM
2.5in x 2.5in 4in x 4in 5in x 5in 5in x 5 in
(63.5mm x 63.5mm) (101.6mm x 101.6mm) (127mm x 127mm) (127mm x 127mm)
0.5 x x x x
1 x x x x
2 x x x x
2.5 x x x x
3 x x x x
4 x x x x
5 x x x x
10 x x x x
20 x x x
30 x x x
40 x x x
50 x x x
100 x x x
150 x x x
200 x x x
250 x x x
300 x x x
400 x x x
500 x

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