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Since 1978, APPLIED IMAGE has worked hard to become a world leader in the field of CUSTOM OPTO-Imaged Components and STANDARD Calibration tools. We have achieved this distinction with a wide range of capabilities and decades of experience. This is showcased with our STANDARD CATALOG PRODUCT line, which includes, ISO Test Targets; Sinusoidal Patterns (Sine Patterns); Certified Bar Code Standards; Reticles/Reticule; Image Analysis & Linear Stage Micrometers; Robotic & Vision Calibration Standards; and complete software/hardware image analysis systems. 

BUT what  APPLIED IMAGE is best known for is it's CUSTOM designing and manufacturing ability.

While APPLIED IMAGE prides itself on its STANDARD product lines, our major strength is the designing and manufacturing of CUSTOM COMPONENTS for the Opto-Imaging industries. From conceptual design, to prototype and then final part production, our capable staff can assist you in every step of the way. APPLIED IMAGE makes the process as easy as possible providing full in-house services: CAD Design, Imaging, Glass Machining along with NIST Traceable Calibration. This leads to shorter lead-times, high quality, and lower costs.

APPLIED IMAGE has a vast experience in custom project manufacturing on a wide variety of substrate materials; including glass, opal, ceramics, plastic, metal, mylar, polyresins, papers and other types of custom materials. Our unique ACCUedge® TEST CHARTS and BAR CODE standards provide the highest edge sharpness (and signal) available in the industry today …. we literally set the standard for we make the standards! In addition, our glass OPTO-Imaged standards are unique in the industry. In addition, many of the custom components can also be enhanced using specialized coatings, or modified to transmit or reflect specific wavelengths, on a very wide array of hard substrate materials. For those special situations, APPLIED IMAGE offers calibration services, mounting, and sub-assembly manufacturing services.

Our history of technical accomplishments and advancements reads like a who's who of technology, manufacturing components with images ranging from sub-micron to sizes of over 2,000 millimeters in length, while retaining high precision individual features. Further more, APPLIED can produce single prototype units, or thousand of production parts per month for your needs. Our customers include tier-1 level customers from all over the world with names like Disney, Xerox, Sony, HP, Lockheed Martin, Leica, Cannon, NASA, etc …. a list too long to record here!

But you don't have to be a tier-1 company for us to meet your needs, APPLIED IMAGE would be honored to work with you on your next project no matter what your size or needs. We will help you with your design specifications, choosing the specific materials to be used, along with the best method to produce the component you desire. We can start from your drawings, e-files, sketches, or verbal descriptions, from which APPLIED will design your specific custom component. We will then provide a final design drawing for approval before the start of production if you require. Once in production, our Q.C. department will inspect the components during, and at the conclusion of the manufacturing process, to insure your specifications are met. In addition, as an option, APPLIED also offers NIST Traceable Calibration and Certification services for your documentation, as well as mounting or sub-assembly of the component when needed.

Let APPLIED IMAGE's expert staff assist you in the development of your next CUSTOM component project. You may contact us by phone or simply fill out the APPLIED IMAGE “Request For Quotation" formAPPLIED will gladly provide a free, no obligation, Custom Quote to you quickly.




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