ACCU-PLACE Dot Distortion Target (AP-DD)

The ACCU-Place Dot Distortion target is designed for measuring distortion in an optical system. The precise amount of distortion is determined from an array of precisely placed dots in a regular array. Such measurements can be used to correct for an distortion that occurs within the optical system. The AP-DD is offered on three standard substrates; Chrome on Glass (CG) Opal (OP) and Photo Paper (RM).

Features Dot Dia. Dot Pitch Grid Size
Zone 1 2.00mm 4.00mm 100mm x 100mm
Zone 2 1.00mm 2.00mm 50mm x 50mm
Zone 3 0.50mm 1.00mm 24mm x 24mm
Zone 4 0.20mm 0.40mm 11.6mm x 11.6mm

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