SINE M-5 Sinusoidal Array

The Sinusoidal Array SINE M-5 is made on a strip of 70mm film approximately 5.12 inches (130mm) in length.

The upper row contains the sinusoidal areas with the spatial frequencies in cycles per mm. All sinusoidal areas are carefully oriented with respect to the others, and the lines at the left end of the array have been added for alignment purposes.

A gray scale is in the lower row and the numbers show the approximate density values. For the 80% modulation pattern the gray scale steps increase approximately 0.12% in size, in order that the scale exceeds the range of the sinusoidal areas. Available in .35 (-35) or .6 (-60) or .8 (-80) modulation, and any variation can be mounted in glass (TM-G).

A digital microdensitometer scan is included with each test target.

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