5 inch / 125mm X-Axis Linear Stage Micrometer (SM-1)


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The SM-1 linear stage micrometer is a versatile microscopy measurement scale. At 5in in length, with 100 μm divisions and NIST traceable calibration, the SM-1 offers a large measurement scale length with precise divisions in small increments. Labeling at 1mm and .1in intervals.

Additional information

Billable Weight: 2 lbs
Accredited Calibration

Yes, No


Chrome on GLASS, Chrome on OPAL


Positive Image

Overall Size

2.0 in. x 5.25 in.  /  50.8mm x 133.35mm

Scale Axis

X-Axis only

Scale Length

5 in. (English)  /  125mm (Metric)


0.01 in. (English)  /  100μm (Metric)