Multi-Grid Image Analysis Standard (IAM-8)


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A unique design with 4 different grid size patterns as well as a star target with 15 degree angle increments. This standard can be used to test not only the overall frame distortion issues but also linear distances for a wide variety of magnification ranges from 1x to 1000x power.

If the IAM-8 is purchased with NIST Traceable Certification, APPLIED IMAGE recommends recertification of your stage micrometer at least every 2 years.

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Billable Weight: 2 lbs
Accredited Calibration

Yes, No


Chrome on GLASS, Chrome on GLASS mounted in Steel Frame, Chrome on OPAL, Chrome on OPAL mounted in Steel Frame

Overall Size

1.0 in. x 3.0 in.  –  25.4mm x 76.2mm