Nodularity Image Analysis Standard (IAM-MET)


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Based on the Original IAM-1 Morphometric Image Analysis Standard, the IAM-MET Grain / Nodularity standard is a multiple morphology calibration standard which was designed specifically for and by ASTM. The IAM-MET test plate 4 has nine simulated images of irregular granular features most often found in metallurgical applications. In compliance with ASTM, the standard comes with Secondary Certification; Plate No. 8 (10,000 μm scale); and either Plate No. 1 (2000μm, 1000μm, 500μm, & 250μm diameter circles); or Plate No. 2 (500μm, 250μm, 125μm, & 62.5μm diameter circle).

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1.0 in. x 3.0 in. – 25.4mm x 76.2mm