Ultra-High Image Analysis Resolution Target (IAM-3)


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Based on the NIST/NBS 1010A and conforming to ANSI/ISO#2 standard, this target is ideal for verifying focus and resolution of high powered optical systems. With direct read information, the exact capabilities of the system will instantly be established. The values (in cycles per mm) are displayed next to 5 vertical and 5 horizontal evenly spaced bars, from 5.6 to 512 cycles per mm (89.2 μm to 0.98 μm bar sizes)

If the IAM-3 is purchased with NIST Traceable Certification, APPLIED IMAGE recommends recertification of your stage micrometer at least every 2 years.

Additional information

Billable Weight: 2 lbs
Accredited Calibration

Yes, No


Chrome on GLASS, Chrome on OPAL



Overall Size

1.0 in. x 3.0 in.  –  25.4mm x 76.2mm


5.5 to 512 cy/mm