BALL LENSES and Glass Machining


Custom BALL LENS Manufacturing has a long and rich history at APPLIED IMAGE. Our unique GLASSTEC technology breaks old axioms with revolutionary new approaches which culminate in extremely high quality BALL LENSES that can be used in a number of different ways:

* Spherical BALL LENS in such devices as endoscopes, microscope objectives or fiber optics couplers
*  As a high quality pre-form for compression molding
*  Or machined to a smaller more complex Plano-Convex-Concave/Convex micro-lens or lenslet whereby the convex surface (of the ball) is pre-made .... saving time and cost

Over the last twenty years, APPLIED IMAGE has manufactured thousands of custom BALL Lenses for Spherical Ball and Compression Optical applications and Miniature Lenslets or Micro-lens manufacturing. They can range in size from 2mm to 22mm and are available in a wide variety of material such as sodalime, crown, quartz or other exotic glass materials, ceramics, infrared materials such as Chalcogenide (IG6) as well as UV materials. Through our superior manufacturing process the wavefront, distortion and surface quality characteristics are second to none.

Each BALL LENS is custom designed and manufactured to your specific project's requirements. From small prototype to large quantities, APPLIED will guarantee the exact material, diameter, sphericity, surface quality and all other specifications will be adhered to with on-time delivery at a reasonable price.

Contact APPLIED IMAGE to find out how our expert and knowledgeable staff can assist in your current or future Custom Ball Lens application needs. 

Just give our sales engineering team a call.

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GLASS DICING, CUTTING AND SHAPING Services is another specialty of APPLIED IMAGE. By using state of the art dicing & scribing saws, grinding & polishing equipment, beveling and other specialized shaping equipment, no size or shape is too difficult. Our tolerances are as fine as 2.5 microns (0.0001") with final parts being as small as you desire or as large as 12 inches square. The material thicknesses can range from as thin as one can manually handled to 12.7 mm (1/2 inch).

One of our unique abilities is to be able to shape parts based upon a unique feature or multiple features imaged on the substrate material. If the substrate needs to be cut to the imaged features, or referenced off those features, then APPLIED IMAGE is your company. Our cutting systems have the latest vision systems which enables us to cut parts to a tolerance of 2.5 microns (0.0001").

The next time you may have a need to cut, shape or form a component (blank or with an image), let our expert technicians MACHINE the exact CUSTOM part for your requirements. Give APPLIED IMAGE a call. We're ready to assist with your CUSTOM Machining needs.