IMAGING Gauge Software Test System

The IMAGING GAUGETM quality analysis system was developed by APPLIED IMAGE to address the growing need to standardize the evaluation of camera image quality. The system includes a TEST CHART manufactured using our ACCUedgeTM technology, along with the unique IMAGE ANALYSIS SOFTWARE, used together to analyze the quality of the imaging system, and then provide a summary report on the various image quality metrics. Our goal is to provide a simple to use, unique image analysis system, that can be utilized by R&D, scientists, system integrators, technicians and field operators to evaluate the camera quality or imaging system.


Windows-based: Powerful, yet requires no specialized knowledge to run. Detailed results and specification profiles can be easily accessed by advanced users. 


Primary Image Quality metrics include:

  • Color Accuracy for standard color spacing
  • Resolution of sensor and optical components
  • Tonescale characteristic curve (OECF)
  • Neutral Balance of gray color patches
  • Color Channel Registration
  • Lighting and Sensor Uniformity


IMAGING GAUGE Software is offered in three versions:

Engineering Edition:
Developed for research and engineering environments to provide full image analysis capability. Specification profile creation and editing is enabled for text-based (non-encrypted) files.
Enterprise Edition:
Developed for system integrators and engineers who deploy test systems to production. Includes all functionality of the Engineering Edition with additional capability to create encrypted test profiles and technical contact links for use with the Deployment Edition.
Deployment Edition:
 Developed for use by non-technical operators in field or production environments. All tests are performed but detailed test results and profile editing capability are not included.

       Our APPLIED IMAGE  'IMAGING GAUGE' Test Charts are manufactured from the highest quality imaging materials available using our ACCUedgeTM technology. The Munsell colors used are of similar values as those used on the X-Rite, Inc. and Macbeth ColorChecker, and are calibrated using measuring instruments which are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA).

IMAGING GAUGE test charts incorporate both human-readable and machine-readable resolution features to enable the correlation of measurements to real-world images. All features are printed on high-quality materials for durability, consistency and accuracy.

Available sizes: 1 ft,  2 ft.  and  4ft. square.

Targets are mounted on rigid 6mm PVC board for ease of handling (included). A SPECIAL tripod and sheet-metal mounting bracket was developed for each target size to enable precise, stable positioning in the lab or in the field.

If you would like more information about IMAGING GAUGE please contact our sales specialist at CONTACTS/REQUEST FOR QUOTE .