APPLIED IMAGE is a world leader in the field of IMAGE EVALUATION Test Targets and Test Charts. Some of the specialized test charts include camera image evaluation ISO, NIST, ANSI, and MIL standard image evaluation applications; photonic and optophotonic applications; test charts for copiers and scanner; DATAcapture and BARcode Scanning testing; Security & Identification Image Capture; and all other type of imaging industries that require quality evaluation of thier image capture systems.

With our unique development of image evaluation software products, color and gray scale capabilities, and our proprietary ACCUedge® imaging manufacturing technology, our product resolutions reach as high as 500 cy/mm making us one of the foremost provider of image evaluation Test Target and Test Chart in the world.

Material imaging capabilities include photographic, paper, film, plastics, glass, metals, and other specialty materials as needed. Further, these can be backer reinforced for strength and ease of handling, to meed your specific needs. Custom Designed Services or Modification of our existing charts, can easily be accommodated to meet your specific needs.