ISO-12233 CIPA Resolution Chart (QA-72A)

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The ISO-12233 CIPA Resolution Chart


This test pattern is an image evaluation tool for determination of resolution power, limiting resolution and spatial frequency response (SFR) of digital image systems. It is as specified in ISO-12233:2014 Annex A.

The ISO-12233 CIPA Resolution Chart contains a variety of test pattern elements. Users are advised to refer to International Standard ISO-12233 for a detailed explanation of the target's                                                                                                          features and their use.

The following is a summary list of image features:

  • Framing arrows which define 1:1; 4:3; and 2:2 aspect rations, assist in framing the target's active area.
  • A central dual-frequency zone plate on a black square can be used to set focus.
  • Central hyperbolic wedges measure resolution power from 200 to 2500 line widths per picture height (lw/ph).
  • Slightly slanted squares (approximately 5o) and diagonal black squares (50o) provide spatial frequency response (SFR) at multiple locations.
  • Horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree square wave sweeps measure aliasing ratios and resolution in a range from 200 to 2500 lw/ph.

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