Announcing the New Applied Image Personal Identity Verification Calibration Standards

by | Feb 3, 2016 | News and Press Releases

Rochester NY With heightened security requirements for electronic personal identification and in response to the Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12, the NIST Federal Information Processing Standards-201/201-2 and FBI development of the PIV Image Quality Specification for Single Finger Capture Devices, APPLIED IMAGE is introducing the PIV (Personal Identity Verification) Calibration standards. These standards are in full compliance to the MITRE Technical Report MTR060170R5 “Test Procedures For Verifying Image Quality Requirements for Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Single Finger Capture Devices”.

The APPLIED IMAGE PlV Calibration Standard family consist of seven individual standards:

M13-60-1x-RM 0.1875 – 12 c/mm Sinusoidal Array with 14 density patches
M13-60-S-RM 1.0 – 10.0 c/mm Sinusoidal Array with 12 density patches
PIV-CBT1 Compact Bar Target
PIV-SE1 5.2° Slant Edge Target
PIV-RR1 1 c/mm Ronchi Ruling Grating
PIV-ST1 Dark Gray Uniformity Target
PIV-ST2 Light Gray Uniformity Target

In addition to the individual PIV standards, APPLIED IMAGE has bundled them together in two Personal Identity Verification Kits:

PIV-KIT1 consists of the SINE M13-60-1x-RM, PIV-CBT1, PIV-SE1, PIV-RR1, PIV-ST1 and PIV-ST2 Calibration Standards

PIV-KIT2 consists of SINE M13-60-S-RM, PIV-CBT1, PIV-SE1, PIV-RR1, PIV-ST1 and PIV-ST2 Calibration Standards

In order for a single finger-capturing device to be included on the FIPS-201/201-2 Approved List for purchase by Federal agencies, all devices must comply with the PIV technical document specifications (and complete other specification steps).

APPLIED IMAGE continues to offer the original SINE M13-60-FBI Kit for palm/hand/multifingerprint capturing devices. The kit includes the M13-60-1x-RM Sinusoidal Array and the RR1-N-RM four-inch square 1c/mm Ronchi Ruling grating.

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