Microtronics Photomask, a bespoke manufacturing division of Applied Image, Inc., focuses on its customers’ unique requirements, supporting photolithography, integrated circuit production, microfluidics, and other photomask applications.

Manufacturing engineers across various high-technology industries use photomasks to transfer a pattern design onto a substrate, with several masks used to produce multiple layers of the completed design. Precision and accuracy are essential in these applications, so photomasks must be of the highest quality and meet a wide variety of customer specifications. Microtronics Photomask operates within Applied Image’s ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system, and ISO 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory; as a result, the company has become a key industry partner.

Microtronics Photomask a Division of Applied Image

Microtronics Photomask aims to ensure a reliable supply of high-quality photomask components. This new Microtronics Photomask video showcases the New York-based company’s fully customizable range of master photomasks, reduction reticles, and copy masks.

Its newly launched website showcases how Microtronics Photomask (and Applied Image) has fulfilled customers’ photomask requirements for their semiconductor, display, PCB, MEMS, and microfluidics applications for decades. The company tailors its photomask solutions to the specific needs of college professors, researchers, graduate students, and industry professionals. Applied Image is noted in the industry for its dedicated sales engineers who partner with designers to address even the most complex job requirements.

Moreover, Microtronics Photomask’s leadership has invested heavily in the equipment required to ensure first-time quality while reducing production delays, defects, and associated costs.

Microtronics Photomask is led by Glenn Jackling, who commented, “we are very excited to help our customers drive greater efficiency and performance levels in a challenging and evolving global marketplace. Stepping up focus on our photomask capabilities, in collaboration with our customers, will help support the long-term growth of the semiconductor and other high-tech sectors. I’m proud to say the expertise and excellence of our people are second to none as they help customers achieve first-time quality cost-effectively and on time. You can’t make a good product without a great mask!”

About Microtronics Photomask

Applied Image purchased Microtronics Inc. in 2012.

The company’s investment in processes capable of imaging critical dimensions (CD) as small as 500 nm, combined with its imaging expertise, state-of-the-art metrology equipment, and glass machining capabilities, gives it a leg up on any other optical components, photomasks, and calibration standards manufacturer.

The Microtronics team is committed to providing the highest quality precision-imaged products and calibration standards.

Visit https://www.microtronicsphotomask.com to learn more.