APPLIED IMAGE, pre-eminent manufacturer of NIST Traceable Calibration Standards, launched a newly designed color calibration slide that will help standardize whole slide imaging analysis. The new NIST Traceable, Whole Slide Imaging Color Transmission Calibration Standard (p/n IAM-9C-WSI) is designed to help researchers calibrate, standardize, and trace color settings for imaging analysis. With this addition, APPLIED IMAGE now offers two choices for color calibration standards for digital pathology.

Market feedback indicated that the whole slide imager market would benefit from modifications to the original IAM-9C slide. This new design consists of a modified and simpler color palette, clear background, and thinner design which would help users scan the slide with their WSI in automated mode. This benefit is especially useful for histology, pathology, food processing, and other applications.

“Without this type of technology, researchers have to rely on visual inspection to match their system to the correct color profile, that creates a wide range of variability,” said Glenn Jackling CEO, APPLIED IMAGE. Perception of color is one reason why it’s not uncommon for two labs to return different results.

Developing standards for color calibration and color measurement related to digital pathologies has been an elusive objective for many years for the industry. APPLIED IMAGE has leveraged its 40 years of calibration standard development to help create a NIST traceable approach to color calibration by measuring and reporting spectral transmission data for each color patch in 5nm increments, from 340nm to 830nm.

The International Workshop on Harmonization and Standardization of Digital Pathology (April 2019) reported that “Standardization of color in Digital Pathology Image and scanners is being demanded by various experts” in the field. At the workshop, Prof. Masahiro Yamaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) addressed the importance and challenges of standardization of color pathology image analysis. Staining and scanning processes cause color variation; industry leaders and experts must address color variation issues in digital pathology.

APPLIED IMAGE is dedicated to using its expertise in calibration technology to bring reliable tools to the whole slide imaging market to reduce variability and help researchers set baseline reference standards and color measurements that are traceable. The NIST Traceable, Whole Slide Imaging Color Transmission Calibration Standard (p/n IAM-9C-WSI) supports that effort.

The new IAM-9C-WSI slide is unique in the marketplace, providing calibrated and traceable spectral transmission data for each color on the slide.

IAM-9C-WSI Modification

The NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide (p/n IAM-9C), launched in 2018, now has a thinner design. This thinner design will help users achieve better fit, focus, and functionality when the slide is used with industry-standard equipment.

“By offering both slide designs, we’ve made it easier for customers to achieve first-time use success. We’re excited that we have products that customers can use in their current image analysis or whole-slide-imaging applications. Having a NIST traceable color calibration standard is the critical first step in ensuring color standardization in both intra- and inter-lab environments,” said Glenn Jackling CEO, APPLIED IMAGE.

IAM-9C-WSI and IAM-9C- Description

Microscopy color patches for assessing color accuracy. NIST traceable calibration data for each large color patch is supplied as spectral transmission. By using the supplied

spreadsheet, this data can be converted to the color space you need (such as Adobe RGB 1998, L*A*B*, XYZ, etc.)

The film is permanently sandwiched between glass; atmospheric deterioration of the measured values is minimized.

Each slide is individually serialized and calibrated.

Both slides are mounted on a base of D263 optical glass, with an overall thickness of under 1.2MM.

The products include Calibration Certificate, Calibration Data Report, Conversion Spreadsheet, USB Flash Drive with Data and Spreadsheet, and Protective Case.

The APPLIED IMAGE facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and its calibration lab is ISO 17025:2017 accredited, ensuring high quality, accurate, and consistent performance.

The NIST Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide, part number IAM-9C-WSI is available for direct order, here and part number IAM-9C, is available for direct order, here. Our sales team can be reached by email, or phone (585) 482-0300.


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