Ultra Forensic Technology has cultivated world-class expertise in creating high-quality ballistics imaging systems. The dedicated team at Ultra Forensic Technology takes pride in their crucial role in aiding crime-solving efforts through their advanced technology, which has been instrumental in making firearm examiners’ and police departments’ jobs easier.

Ballistics analysis requires exact technology. The microscopic scale requires high-quality imaging systems. Ultra Forensic Technology is committed to making the world a safer place, from the development of automated acquisition techniques and high-performance correlation algorithms to intuitive analysis tools that are driven by a highly qualified team of scientists, researchers, and experts.


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Ballistic analyses involve the microscopic examination of fired bullets and cartridge casings to identify unique markings left by firearms. However, interpreting these markings can be subjective, as different experts may reach different conclusions. Standardizing and improving the reliability of microscopic examinations remains a challenge.

Ultra Forensic Technology’s Integrated Ballistics Identification Systems (IBIS) have revolutionized ballistic analysis. These systems capture high-resolution images of fired bullets and casings, allowing for efficient comparison and identification of potential matches across multiple crime scenes.
Ultra Forensic Technology’s automated algorithms can assist in identifying potential matches and reduce the manual workload of examiners. This advancement improves efficiency, reduces subjectivity, and enhances accuracy.

The company’s 3D imaging techniques capture detailed surface characteristics of bullets and casings. Coupled with virtual comparison software, these technologies enable examiners to analyze and compare evidence virtually, improving accuracy and reducing the need for physical examinations.
Ongoing research and validation studies are being conducted to enhance the scientific basis of ballistic analysis. These efforts focus on refining examination methods, establishing statistical models for evaluating the significance of tool mark evidence, and developing objective criteria for conclusions.

About Ultra Forensic Technology

Ultra Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistic identification and created IBIS (Integrated Ballistic Identification System) technology used in over 80 countries to combat and prevent firearm crime.

Ultra Forensic Technology uses advanced algorithms to match spent bullets and cartridge cases to thousands of firearms and ammunition types, helping investigators quickly identify potential matches.

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A common industry practice relies on uncalibrated dowel pins to set up the ballistic imaging system. In 2020 Ultra Forensic Technology set a goal of creating calibrated 3D topography systems, which involved assigning calibrated measurements to bullets and cartridge cases.

To achieve this, the developers required a unique bullseye target, which is a critical component in their equipment calibration process. The Ultra Forensic Technology team reached out to Applied Image, Inc., a global leader in custom Robotic & Machine Vision Standards with a 15-year track record of success. Applied Image’s vast array of off-the-shelf and custom solutions exceeded any other industry competitor.

For Ultra Forensic Technology, calibrating ballistic analysis systems to a NIST traceable measurement standard is essential to maintaining industry accuracy, reliability, and consistency. It supports the scientific validity of the analyses, strengthens the quality assurance practices in forensic labs, and enhances the trustworthiness and admissibility of ballistic evidence in legal proceedings.

Specific points Ultra Forensic Technology noted for the crucial role of calibration include:


  • Experts can establish a baseline for the system’s performance, thereby minimizing errors and inconsistencies and providing reliable firearm and tool mark comparison results.
  • Ensures the same measurement or comparison on different systems will yield similar results. This consistency is essential when sharing data, collaborating on cases, or comparing evidence across jurisdictions.
  • Accreditation bodies and regulatory agencies often require labs to have calibrated systems for quality management. By adhering to calibration standards, Ultra Forensic Technology demonstrates its commitment to accuracy, reliability, and quality in its systems.
  • When presenting ballistic analysis results as evidence, it is crucial to establish that the systems used have been properly calibrated and meet accepted standards. This helps ensure that the evidence is perceived as reliable and scientifically sound by the courts and can withstand challenges from opposing parties.
  • Calibrating systems to known standards demonstrates the scientific basis of analyses, providing a solid foundation for conclusions. This helps bolster the field’s credibility and ensures that the results of ballistic analyses are defensible under scrutiny.

Applied Image stood out as the obvious choice due to its unparalleled expertise in Imaging system performance and calibration. Their unmatched precision makes them the go-to for manufacturing custom calibration standards for nearly any system.


The Ultra Forensic Technology team required a unique calibration product and turned to Applied Image for assistance. Sourcing a pixel resolution target from another vendor would have been time-consuming, arduous, and risky, so they were thrilled to discover that Applied Image was uniquely qualified to produce this specialized component. They connected with Darren Dixon, Sales Manager, and Technical Customer Service at Applied Image to address their calibration certification requirements, which included a fresh design and serial number.

Lynne Hrynkiw, Senior Scientist for Research & Prototypes, remembers that the Applied Image team was “incredibly accommodating and provided significant support throughout the process.”


Firearm examiners can rely on the custom-calibrated bullseye used in Ultra Forensic Technology s equipment to support their work. If examiners need to present ballistic data in court, they can use Ultra Forensic Technology equipment in their testimonies to ensure consistent and reliable error rates. This information is often requested in courtrooms today, as there is a need to know the probability of error. Ultra Forensic Technology provides this quantitative data, and the bullseye is a crucial component in calibrating this device.

The custom bullseye method is a significant advancement from the common pin and dowel technique. It is easier to detect due to the presence of multiple circles and it being black on white. Additionally, the bullseyes are identical, unlike pins which have varying surface textures and reflectivity. Overall, the bullseye offers enhanced accuracy and repeatability for the equipment.

The Ultra Forensic Technology Quantum 3D Microscope relies on the custom bullseye that was produced by Applied Image exclusively for Ultra Forensic Technology.

The Quantum 3D Microscope, powered by IBIS technology, provides firearm and tool mark examiners with the best 3D visual and quantitative tools for common source determination. The Microscope is used for casework and studies involving more direct examination of questioned objects and focuses on quantifying the strength of agreement in common source determinations.

The Applied Image bullseye shown here helps produce calibrated topography results (3D surface measurements) in the X and Y dimensions.

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Ms. Hrynkiw highly recommends Applied Image for their exceptional production of custom components. What sets Applied Image apart is its remarkable responsiveness to any issues. Ms. Hrynkiw emphasized that missing customer deliveries is not an option in their line of business. She appreciated how Applied Image always strives to find solutions quickly or alternative options to prevent delays.

Ms. Hrynkiw has had experience with other suppliers who took weeks to respond to issues which made her realize the importance of having a supplier partner who shares Ultra Forensic Technology’s unwavering commitment to service excellence. 

 Applied Image’s unique manufacturing processes and industry expertise allow us to create custom components and standards that meet the specific needs of our customers.