MICROTRONICS acquired by the APPLIED IMAGE group

by | Dec 12, 2012 | News and Press Releases

Rochester, NY, USA: APPLIED IMAGE group is pleased to announce the acquisitions of MICROTRONICS Inc, a key USA based “mask maker”. MICROTRONICS manufactures glass masks for the semiconductor, hybrid, MEMS, and electro-optical industries. Masks are primarily used to transfer electro-optical designs from the glass imaged plates (that MICROTRONICS manufactures) to the wafer, which becomes the final microelectronic or electro-optical components themselves. It will operate as a wholly owned division of the APPLIED IMAGE group.

All of the equipment used in the mask manufacturing process, along with customer accounts, have been transfer to APPLIED IMAGE Rochester, NY facility. With the new laser based writing systems, APPLIED IMAGE will be capable of designing, and imaging, to sub-micron geometries with 1/10th micron tolerances. These capabilities will place APPLIED IMAGE at the forefront of the electro-optical and photonic industry. In addition, MICROTRONICS will continue to be a prime “mask making” house providing products and services to the electronic industry, government research systems, and universities throughout the world.

“This is a very exciting acquisition for us at APPLIED IMAGE” said CEO Bruno Glavich. “We are already a prime manufacturer of opto-imaging, calibration standards, optical components, and image evaluation test targets. This new capability will expand our offering significantly including the ability to create hybrid applications for our customers in the MEMS, Electro-Optics, and Bio-Optics fields”.

For more information about MICROTRONICS laser based “mask making” services, please go to www.microtronicsphotomask.com.

For more information about APPLIED IMAGE unique opto-imaging standards, optical components, and image analysis test targets, please go to www.appliedimage.com.