photoMASK Semiconductor Services

For a quarter of a century, APPLIED IMAGE has been serving the needs of the imaging industry with precision masks, reticles, test targets and photo-tools of the highest quality.

Since the purchase of Microtronics Inc. in 2011, APPLIED has pushed forward with our internal ability to generate tight tolerance masks for the microelectronic, hybrid, and MEMS industries to new levels. Substrate materials can be the traditional ones or exotic specialty glass, in sizes up to 7 inches square with direct writing ability down to 0.10 micron spot size. Further, our specialty includes custom glass thicknesses if they are needed .... and check plots are always available upon request before the mask is produced.

Our thorough knowledge provides masks for semiconductor, thin films, thick film Hybrid, Microwaves, Resistor networks, RF Transistors, Power Devices, Optical MEMS and other photonic devices.

Over the years, using our unique RAZORedgeTM technology, APPLIED IMAGE has put together a variety of imaging equipment including laser writers, steppers and photo repeaters, small and large area contacting/duplicating systems, and a whole variety of other custom imaging systems, to serve a wide array of needs.

Plus our flexibility of being able to work with big glass sizes and special thicknesses helps us to address the research needs for large displays, surface mounted technology and encoders. This assures that our customers will receive the exact quality product they expect, on time and at a reasonable price. APPLIED IMAGE unique equipment, facilities and professional staff, provides the solutions for today's modern photoMASK needs.

APPLIED IMAGE  is truly a "one stop" IMAGING CENTER focused on your photonic needs. Feel free to request a quote from us, or just send us your files, ....we will respond to your request quickly and at no charge to you.

  STEPPER Reticles        PROJECTION Master                COPY Plates


Substrates glass includes Sodalime, Quartz, B270 or other specialty glass. And the image coating can include chromium, iron oxide, aluminum, black chrome, and other hard-surfaces. We can even put overcoats where needed (such as AR coatings, Notch or V Coats, depending on your needs). Sizes up to 7 inches.

Direct Write Tooling

  Sizes 3.0 to 7.0 inches squares

  Spot size 0.10 and 0.25 microns

  Soda-Lime, LE and and Quartz substrates

  Pellicles are available premounted onto the masks