SINE PATTERNS & Square Wave Targets

Over twenty-five years ago, Dr. Robert Lamberts founded SINE Patterns on a single concept - to provide a new and better test target for optical MTF evaluations. After extensive research, Dr. Lamberts developed the first Sinusoidal Test Target  using a unique proprietary manufacturing technology. 

SINE Patterns expanded its product line to provide Sinusoidal Target Arrays for a variety of applications; from moirĂ© contouring to reliable MTF evaluation of materials, lenses, cameras and electro-optical systems. In 2004, SINE Patterns became a part of APPLIED IMAGE, a world leader in the manufacture of PHOTONIC imaged components. Today, SINE Patterns sinusoidal target arrays are available on transmission or on reflection materials, as well as in a variety of sizes and frequencies.

The transmission sinusoidal patterns can be manufactured with spatial frequencies as high as 256 cycles per mm. Most of SINE Patterns sinusoidal transmission targets are available with modulation (contrast) values of 35%, 60% or 80%. Harmonic distortion of all of the sinusoidal target array patterns are less than 3%. The reflection sinusoidal pattern arrays have proven to be very useful for MTF evaluation of various types of cameras and scanners. Because of the inherent limitations of reflective materials, the maximum spatial frequency of the reflective pattern arrays is limited to 20 cycles per mm.

If instead of continuous sinusoidal frequency, you are looking for a square wave frequency design, then look to the APPLIED IMAGE Ronchi patterns. Using our ACCUedgeTM and RAZORedgeTM technologies, the reflective square wave Ronchi patterns are made with extremely sharp edge definition for both transmission and reflective patterns. 

Should you require something more custom, our Custom Design Services can manufacture the exact design part that you require.