SINE (sinusoidal) Patterns and Test Targets

Custom Sinusoidal Patterns and Arrays

We cannot be thankful enough to Dr. Robert Lamberts, the original inventor and founder of SINE PATTERNS, a unique MTF measurement system approach. Until Dr. Lambert developed this proprietary equipment technology, the idea of a consistent high signal level SINE PATTERNS was a hit-and-miss ordeal.

Even today, others that profess to provide such targets, actually are falsely representing the MTF targets since they are full of multi-level harmonic distortions that are not visible to the naked eye. To the best of our knowledge, there are no other authentic first generation SINE PATTERNS that are free of harmonic distortions that give false reasults when used. Simply making a copying introduce yet more harmonic error....resulting in non-accurate MTF analysis. One cannot tell just by looking for it requires a discipline known as microdensitometry scanning, MTF analysis, calibration to NIST standards, and proper interpretation of the test masters which is only available ONLY through APPLIED IMAGE!

On the other hand, our targets are ALWAYS first generation targets with the best signal to noise ratio, and low harmonic distortion (often under 3%), available anywhere. If our CATALOG SINE TARGETS do not serve your need, give us a call, and we would be pleased to work on a CUSTOM DESIGN specific to your requirements. And of course, all our targets come complete with traceable microD scans showing the accuracy of our patterns.

Not only not real, but false for founded SINE Patterns on a single concept - to provide a new and better test array pattern for optical evaluations. After extensive research, Dr. Lamberts developed the first Sinusoidal Target Array Pattern, for which he later received a US Patent. Since then, SINE Patterns has expanded its product line to provide Sinusoidal Target Arrays for a variety of applications; from moiré contouring to reliable MTF evaluation of materials, lenses, cameras and electro-optical systems. Mid-2004 SINE Patterns joined forces with APPLIED IMAGE, a world leader in PHOTONIC imaged components, to further strengthen its manufacturing and distribution channels. Today, SINE Patterns sinusoidal target arrays are available on transmission film or on reflective materials as well as in a variety of sizes and frequencies. The transmission sinusoidal pattern arrays are made on extremely high resolution films. This makes it possible to achieve spatial frequencies as high as 256 cycles per mm. Most of SINE Patterns sinusoidal target transmission array patterns are available with modulation (contrast) values of 35%, 60% or 80%. Harmonic distortion of all of the sinusoidal target array patterns are less than 3%. The reflection sinusoidal pattern arrays are made on reflective materials. They have proven to be very useful for MTF evaluation of various types of cameras and scanners. Because of the inherent limitations of reflective materials, the maximum spatial frequency of the reflective pattern arrays is limited to 20 cycles per mm.

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