An Indispensable Partner

A recent feature story in the Rochester Business Journal spotlights how Applied Image, Inc. stands out as a hidden gem with a global impact. Nestled on East Main, across the street from East High School, Applied Image has become an indispensable partner to industries worldwide, thanks to its unique expertise in manufacturing bespoke precision optical components.

Applied Image is not just another company in the optics, photonics, and imaging (OPI) sector; it represents a hub of innovation and specialized skills. The modest-sized manufacturing site is filled with complex processes and technologies used in precision imaging and nanolithography production. Manufacturers of photonics-enabled systems from varied industries – from medical devices to gaming – have turned to Applied Image when no other supplier could meet their demanding specifications for custom precision optics components.

Read compelling case studies here. Behind every component is a story of collaboration and innovation. Customers mention Applied Image employees by name in post-sale surveys. These real-world examples highlight the respect and appreciation global customers have for the unparalleled quality and collaborative design processes that define the Applied Image team.

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¬†Applied Image’s unique manufacturing processes and industry expertise allow us to create custom components and standards that meet the specific needs of our customers.